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2012-03-30 01:49 pm
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This was not the birthday she had ever thought she would have. She was twenty-one years old this year, certainly not a young teenager anymore. She had responsibilities and her own life and her own home. She also had a boyfriend who was celebrating his birthday. When he had suggested taking the kayak out, she had been enthusiastic about the idea -- it was like nothing they had ever done before.

Of course, now, as she flopped around in the water, desperate to tread and keep herself above the surface, she was regretting that decision. How could she be blamed? She had reached out, trying to attract one of the butterflies that was fluttering close to her and had tipped out of the kayak. Sopping wet, she swims towards the tip, holding onto it and giving Jacob a waterlogged smile and a laugh.

"Now, how am I supposed to get back in?" she asked, lazily kicking now that she had something to help keep her afloat.
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2012-01-07 12:10 am
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Belle wasn't moving very far at all, but it still seemed like a great undertaking, considering she hadn't ever really moved from one place to another. She and Papa had done so, but she'd been so young at the time that she didn't even remember how it had felt. Now, with her boxes and her books and her bags, she felt like she was taking a step that couldn't possibly be erased.

She was, actually, terrified.

The new hut was still dusty and nothing was put away. Every few moments, she had the same thought over and over again -- maybe she should just move back. She hadn't spent years wanting to explore the world for no reason, though, and she had to be strong in order to conquer the highest of mountains.

Belle kept the door open, peeking outside to see if Jacob was making any progress. "I know this isn't exactly the most glamorous way to spend an almost-anniversary, but I got a picnic blanket and wine," she offered enticingly. "That's not bad, right?"
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2011-12-04 06:02 pm
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Belle had been figuratively worn after the first visit to the doctor. McCoy had hardly taken a look at her before dismissing it as something he didn't do (and given that his voice still sounded hoarse from that terrible incident, Belle had merely tugged at Jacob's sleeve to get him to draw away before they bothered him more). Still, two things came of that meeting.

The first was the secure knowledge that she wasn't pregnant (but she also wasn't feeling any better). The second was a referral to 'someone who's probably dying to help'. So this was how Belle found herself and Jacob in the company of Doctor House, sitting with her hands in her lap and trying to keep a straight posture though her exhaustion, no matter how difficult it might be.

"Well? Do you want my case?" she asked House, her eyes tracking him unsurely.
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2011-10-27 07:21 pm
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After several days, Belle could no longer ignore the signs. She had been so tired that she had barely made it out of bed and her muscles ached fiercely with a sort of fatigue that seemed to be warring with the swelling of her ankles for the most distracting symptom. Once she factored in the irritation and the headaches, she didn't want to do anything, let alone get out of bed.

Maybe, she reflected, it was a good thing that she was still at the Homestead. She couldn't imagine this would go over very well if she had left it. For one, no one would have found her for some time and wasn't that just a scary thought? As it was, she struggled with her bedsheets -- her body a decent temperature, but her limbs sore and she wanted to warm them -- and curled up on her side, making herself as small as she could be.

She just wanted to sleep. Maybe it wasn't right that after three days, she had spent more time asleep than awake, but she didn't care. She felt like she deserved a small break. It would all go away, she told herself. It would all fade.
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2011-04-07 07:27 pm
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Belle had left the rave with an uneasy feeling down to her bones. She could see that others were having a good time, but it seemed just a touch too out of control for her. She had gone with Charlie and when she was sure that he had someone to go home with, she'd gone to her own home, glitter smeared all over her skin.

She hadn't eaten or drank anything and so was feeling clear-headed and a shade of tired, just slightly too weary from an environment she wasn't sure of.

When she returned to the Homestead, she knew it was late, but she still went to Jacob's room rather than her own and knocked lightly on the door, leaning her temple to the wood of the wall and waiting to see if he was awake.
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2011-01-02 04:29 pm
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[Dated past January 6th]

Belle thought that this was a bad idea.

No, it was a good idea, but in the depths of her ever-working mind where the clockwork ticked away and she had little voices that sounded like Lumiere and Cogsworth, she knew that this was simultaneously a bad and good idea. She loved spending time with Jacob, but she was starting to realize that dating someone inevitably meant there was something else to your interactions -- a physical edge of intimacy that crept up on you.

And it was here at her shoulders now, pushing at her. They had gone to the waterfall and she was ready to swim. She did really love spending time with him, but now that they had been dating for ages and she was starting to understand her feelings, she was starting to understand she wanted a little more than what they were doing.

So, bad idea in a good one.

"You're not going to dive off that, are you?" she said warily, pointing up at the cliff's edge.
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2010-08-08 01:07 pm
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[For Jacob]

Belle was sick with worry.

It was honestly the only way she could describe the gnawing sensation in her stomach. People had vanished to the other side of the Island and Jacob was gone and by logic of the situation, she had to assume that he was one of them. For days, she thought of going out there, of trying to find him, but she merely lingered at the barrier, not sure where he could be. Now, though, people were seeming to stumble back and she was outside the Homestead, her nails digging into her palm. She couldn't even pretend to read a book, her focus gone.

Instead, she sat and worried, wishing so much that she felt capable of going into the danger herself, but this wasn't like home. This wasn't just the woods. She knew about dinosaurs from her books and knew she stood no chance. And so she merely remained at the Homestead, waiting for a sign that things were going to be fine.

That he was going to be fine.
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2010-03-13 08:22 pm
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[For Jacob]

When the caretaker of the house had vanished, Belle had noticed that not everything went. Their bedroom emptied, but the room at the northernmost point of the house still held strange scraps, tools, and other assorted miscellany that caught her attentive eye. Belle liked to sneak up into that room in the mornings and pretend that she was back in her Papa's workshop, fingers trailing over sprigs and parts of things that would one day become something incredible and wonderful.

She always left the door open just in case she heard a noise and needed to hurry right back down and out of the hall, pretending that nothing was amiss. As it was, she'd yet to be caught and she didn't fancy the notion of starting, so as she grasped a wrench and a piece of sheet metal, she made sure she was quiet about her work, even though the unmistakable sound of metal moving filled up the room.