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Belle is a young woman of seventeen years and tiny at best. She has big brown eyes, brown hair, and is considered the beauty of her small little town. But what do they know? Belle is from Beauty and the Beast and enters just as she has returned home to see her father safe.

Your character's initial personal inventory:

*One blue satin bow tied in her hair
*One cotton long-sleeved shirt, pressed with the utmost of care
*One blue dress with the slightest of creases from the air
*One white apron, though demeaning housework she would not dare
*One simple pair of brown shoes that would give no cause to stare
*One frilly white slip, without much flair
*One nude pair of stocking socks that any girl could wear

[DISCLAIMER: I do not own Belle, nor any PB usage. The rights belong to Disney and this is merely for a RPG.]
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