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[For Jacob]

When the caretaker of the house had vanished, Belle had noticed that not everything went. Their bedroom emptied, but the room at the northernmost point of the house still held strange scraps, tools, and other assorted miscellany that caught her attentive eye. Belle liked to sneak up into that room in the mornings and pretend that she was back in her Papa's workshop, fingers trailing over sprigs and parts of things that would one day become something incredible and wonderful.

She always left the door open just in case she heard a noise and needed to hurry right back down and out of the hall, pretending that nothing was amiss. As it was, she'd yet to be caught and she didn't fancy the notion of starting, so as she grasped a wrench and a piece of sheet metal, she made sure she was quiet about her work, even though the unmistakable sound of metal moving filled up the room.

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Jacob had seen the room a few times but it was always closed so he was surprised to see the door ajar and hear what sounded like someone working metal. That prospect excited him; he'd gotten the bike parts back in January but hadn't really gotten them working yet and if there were other tools he could use, that might be a plus.

He poked his head in, surprised that he recognized the head bent over the work. Shiny and brunette and Belle and not what he was expecting at all.

"Didn't realize you were a handyman too. Is there anything you can't do, Belle?"

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"Was he a welder or something in addition to inventing things?" Jacob asked, settling near her just to watch. "If he was, I could sure use him out here. I've got a bike that needs to be fixed."

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"That sounds like a cool job. My dad was a tribal elder," Jacob explained, leaning in a little closer. "Sort of like a mayor, but for the reservation. They paid him well for it and he did some woodcarving as a hobby."

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"For the most part. He was in charge of a lot of stuff," Jacob agreed. "But sometimes they didn't listen to him and that's where we ran into problems."

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"Maybe nothing," Jacob said, trying to reassure her. "I mean, what's wrong with an inventor? He never hurt anybody, did he?"

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"They were probably just close-minded," Jacob said, reaching for a tool and offering it to her. "I...I don't know if I told you this, but I used to be able to do things that were more than human. Back home, that is."

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"Most didn't know," Jacob admitted. "My pack...the rest of the guys in my tribe who could shift, they all loved it. It's freeing, being a wolf. You don't have to worry about what people think when you're furry and have big teeth."

He laughed a little, embarrassed. "I had a purpose back home. Here, not so much. It's a big change."

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"I could turn into a wolf back home," Jacob explained. "At will, so not like a werewolf or anything. My pack mates were all guys in my tribe and we helped protect the ones who couldn't shift."

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Jacob nodded. "I've never seen a wolf shifter who wasn't a Quileute. That's my tribe, by the way. We were all pretty young, from about twelve to about twenty or so. Other than that, no real restrictions. Mostly guys, but we had one girl. She had...some issues."

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"Why were they transformed?" Jacob asked, softening his tone a little. "Did something happen that's a little...more magical than not magical?"

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"That's kinda cool," Jacob admitted. "I mean, not so much for them, I guess, if they used to be human. But if they started out as inanimate things and got personalities, that's pretty cool."

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"I'm sorry," Jacob said quietly. "What are you making? Wind chime or something?"

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"A little bit," Jacob said, grinning a little. "Maybe if you put some shells on it, they'd make a better sound? We sell them like that up at the res. Tourists love them."