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Something is terribly wrong.

Belle had known the moment she opened her eyes that something was wrong, but there was a part of her too ready to deny that feeling as long as she could. She wiggled her toes in bed, she shifted, but she kept her eyes shut until the very moment she couldn't do that any longer. That was roughly the moment where a certain part of her body that had never existed before reacted very happily to the smell of Jacob beside her.

"Oh," she gasped, and then was forced to open her eyes in shock when that 'oh' came out much, much deeper. "Criss de calice de tabernac!" she swore, eyes wide with horror at both the situation and how shocked she was at it happening.
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Jacob was no stranger to island weirdness but waking up to some guy cursing in French was pretty new. He woke up and tried to figure out what, exactly, had happened. Body switch? Or just gender? Gender had happened to him before and he hadn't enjoyed it all that much.

"Uh, are you my wife or someone else?"
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"Yeah, still Jacob," he said, trying to decide if that was a good or bad thing. "So are you uh, nothing hurts or anything? Everything works okay?" Jacob remembered being a lot more upset about his own weekend in a different body and Belle was really, super calm.

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"Well, I guess the bright side is that it's probably temporary?" Jacob had been on the island long enough to learn how these things worked and it never lasted longer than a couple days.

"So maybe you don't need to learn how to be a man yet."
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"Well, you're a very pretty guy?" Jacob wasn't sure what, exactly, to say and he'd never been attracted to a guy before...but this was Belle and he wasn't telling her that.

"You'll get a little more used to it soon, I bet. I got used to being a girl that time."

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"Um, do you think you can wear any of mine?"

Jacob was pretty sure he was taller and bigger than Belle-as-a-guy but there had to be something she could wear just until she got to the Compound and could get stuff that fit. It would be a temporary fix, at least.

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Jacob laughed a little. "Do you need a tutorial on how everything works down there or are you good to go? I mean, not that I'm making light of this."

It was pretty damn funny but Jacob valued both his life and his marriage so he was trying to keep his snickering to a minimum.

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"Well, just think about things that don't turn you on. Like, uh, what's the grossest thing you can think of? That usually works for me."

Jacob had never actually had this conversation with anyone before and it was really kind of surreal.
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"See? Hope for you yet," Jacob said, brushing a kiss against her hair. It wasn't exactly the way he normally kissed his wife hello but this unusual circumstance.

"Want to risk the Compound?"

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"Yeah, that'd be a good idea. So uh, you know I'm not attracted to guys but I'm going to stick with this even if it is permanent, okay?"

Jacob thought it wasn't but he wanted her to know that just in case.