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Belle didn't like to dwell too deeply on the disappearances of her friends on the island. They hurt her deeply, true, but she felt as though she had to honour them somehow. She grieved in private and did her best to build up some kind of work in their name in public. When Helena had vanished, Belle lost her mentor and teacher of all things related to archery. She had continued as best as she could, but she had still been too new to really know what to do.

As a result, the bow began to collect dust.

Now, she felt like she had to at least try once more. She slung the bow over her back and brought her quiver with her to the archery range, settling things down as she pulled on her gloves and readied herself for the task. That said, she did begin to peer down the rows to see if anyone else was present who might be able to offer her a tip or two.
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More often than not, Cissie found herself alone at the range. Whether it was just timing or because not too many other people wanted to practice, she wasn't sure. Today was different, though, and she smiled to see someone else already there. The girl looked like she had a question which just as cool - she had been really getting into the teaching thing and she was more than happy to help anyone at anytime.

"Hey! How are you doing? Do you need some help?"
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Maybe it was just her imagination but Cissie felt like a lot of people were disappearing lately. It was just one of those things about island life, she guessed, like snow in December and evil jukeboxes.

"That's rough," she said sympathetically. "That's always hard when someone goes, I know. But yeah, I'd be totally happy to give you pointers. It'd be fun!"
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"She knew-knows her stuff though," Cissie said in what maybe was the understatement of the year. Huntress was definitely one of the best when it came to archery, no two ways about it. "If you remember anything of what she taught you, you're in a good place."

She smiled encouragingly. "Do you want to show me your stance?"

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"That's pretty good for not much practicing," Cissie said encouragingly as she looked over Belle's stance. There were some things that needed work, to be sure, but really, she had seen a lot worse.

"But it'll feel better if you stand like this," she explained, demonstrating the right way as she did so. "Try it like that and see the difference."
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Cissie smiled approvingly at Belle as she watched her settle into the new stance. She was a quick learner, it looked like, and that was kind of cool. It would make teaching even more fun than it already was.

"You don't have to be sorry for anything, I promise! This is really fun for me."
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"How did you know that was the kind of fun I meant?" Cissie grinned. "Seriously, I would love to. I would really love to. Archery's my thing, you know, and if I can help more people feel that way then it's totally the least I can do."
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"And your best is all that I ask for," Cissie answered, squeezing Belle's shoulder softly. "And for you to have fun with this. I promise I am happy to keep teaching you as long as you want me to teach you."
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Cissie's smile at Belle's oath faded a little as she considered how to answer her question. It wasn't that she didn't want to answer, it was just that her mother, even now, brought up all kinds of conflicting thoughts.

"My mom taught me," she answered. "Her mom had taught her and she was just passing it down, I guess."
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"It kind of was," Cissie answered after a bit of thought. "My grandma got my mom archery lessons and then when she grew up and had me, she taught me herself. It was the thing to do, I guess."

Of course, the real reason was more complicated than that, but she liked Belle and didn't want to terrify her by explaining how messed up it had all been. Besides, for all that she'd been taught how to shoot for the wrong reasons, she loved it - and wasn't that all that mattered?
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It was kind of funny in a way that wasn't, really - Cissie hardly remembered her father at all because he had died when she was so young and unless she missed her guess, Belle was in the same situation with her mother.

"That's cool, though," she said. "I mean, hey, let's be honest, inventing is really more useful then shooting stuff."
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"That's true," Cissie conceded. "But there's always something that could be made better or done better, right? Like with my arrows - sometimes I've tried making the points a different way or using different kind of feathers for fletching to see if I can make them better. It doesn't always work, you know, but sometimes it does!"