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Everything feels as if it's been happening very quickly and very slowly at once. The castle had been frightening and exhilarating at once and she had been so giddy to see all her friends again, but so dismayed to discover them in their original forms. Worse, of course, had been when she sat on the rug of the reading room and confessed that she didn't know that she was ever going to be the one to break the curse.

"I wish I could," she said. "And it isn't that I don't love him in my own way, but..." Belle's attention drew towards the door, where she had asked Jacob to stay for a moment. "But I think that there's someone else and I couldn't imagine a world without him." Disappointment had been so evident, but Belle could manage past that. She was simply grateful that she had managed to see them again after thinking she would never get that chance.

Now, with the gates behind them and the sun beginning to set in the distance, Belle did what she had been longing for -- she simply wrapped her arms snugly around Jacob's waist and held on as tightly as he could permit her.

"I'm glad we came," she admitted, speaking the words into his chest. "But I'm so very tired, all the same."
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"It was amazing," Jacob said, holding her close. "But I feel sort of bad that they're stuck like this forever. I wish there was something we could do."

There wasn't, though, unless he was prepared to give up Belle.
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"Yeah? I mean, I know I'm awesome most of the time but what did I do this time that's so great?"

Jacob reached for her hand and squeezed it lightly, just being affectionate. It seemed to come easier to be affectionate here in Belle's fairy tale land than anywhere else.
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"I thought, before I came to the island, that I was in love with Bella. I thought about her just about every waking moment and got jealous whenever she talked about Edward. I thought she had to be the one."

Jacob paused, oddly thoughtful. "But then I met you. And as our friendship grew, I realized I didn't get jealous over you. I didn't obsess about you. You were just there, constant, and it didn't take long for me to realize that I would rather sacrifice myself than anything ever happen to you. I would give anything to have you forever. And I realized, too, that I was in love and it was real. Bella paled in comparison."
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"I want my whole life with you," Jacob said and he was trying to explain how he meant it without proposing. He wanted to propose, sure, but he wanted to talk to Belle's father first and go about it the right way before he did something so life-changing and intimate for the two of them.

"There is no path I see that doesn't have you on it. If we went back to where I'm from, I'd tell my dad that, and my sisters, and my pack."
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Jacob nodded. Normally, he didn't wear a lot of clothes in the woods so that would be less to deal with when shifting and shifting back but with Belle right here, he felt safe enough to strip down and shift into the large, russet-colored wolf he'd been back in La Push.

It felt free somehow, to be able to do this again after two and a half years of not being able to shook out his fur in an attempt to keep from howling with joy.
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It was hard to vocalize as a wolf without alarming other wildlife in the area and Jacob had enough sense not to do that when Belle might be trampled by a panicked horse or, worse, actual wolves might find them. Instead, he nudged his head against her hand, encouraging her to pet him.
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That was easy enough to understand and the attention felt nice, even if it was much, much different than the attention he got as a human. It was a simpler sort of affection but no less intense and he licked her hand slightly before shifting back.

"That felt...amazing. Damn, I'm glad I can do that again."
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"Maybe, but the cold doesn't bother me when I'm the wolf again," Jacob explained, wrapping her cloak around him. "My temperature runs a lot hotter. Can you tell?"

Bella had always been able to, had always basked in his warmth. He wondered if Belle would feel the same way.
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"I guess I can't really say no to that," Jacob said lowly, brushing a kiss against her mouth.

"We probably need to get back to your father's house, though, unless we want to run into something nastier than me in these woods. You down with that plan?"
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"What...was that, exactly," Jacob asked even though he was a little nervous about the answer. If it wasn't a good thing, it probably was for the best that he didn't know but curiosity had always been something to get him in the end.
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Jacob nodded. "Yeah, okay, we probably do need to head out. I'm good one on one but there's no way I can take a whole pack by myself. Besides, wild wolves have better instincts than I do. I had to learn. They were born with it."

The advantage he had was solely in intellect but numbers could overwhelm him easily.
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Jacob leaned in and kissed her quickly. "Yeah, let's get back home. I'm sure your horse will appreciate that."

Horses didn't tend to like predators, especially wolves, and the later and darker it got, the more likely they would run into something with more teeth and less manners.