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This was not the birthday she had ever thought she would have. She was twenty-one years old this year, certainly not a young teenager anymore. She had responsibilities and her own life and her own home. She also had a boyfriend who was celebrating his birthday. When he had suggested taking the kayak out, she had been enthusiastic about the idea -- it was like nothing they had ever done before.

Of course, now, as she flopped around in the water, desperate to tread and keep herself above the surface, she was regretting that decision. How could she be blamed? She had reached out, trying to attract one of the butterflies that was fluttering close to her and had tipped out of the kayak. Sopping wet, she swims towards the tip, holding onto it and giving Jacob a waterlogged smile and a laugh.

"Now, how am I supposed to get back in?" she asked, lazily kicking now that she had something to help keep her afloat.
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"Well, I think this is where your amazing, wonderful, superhero boyfriend hauls you back in with one arm or something," Jacob said, grinning at her. Instead, though, he carefully reached out for her with both hands.

"Now, either this is going to work or we're both going to end up soaked. Want to take bets?"
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"A guy has to play to his strengths," Jacob teased, unapologetic about it. It felt good just to have some time out and about with Belle and with their birthdays so close together, it just felt natural that they'd celebrate them as one.

He tugged her, though, bracing himself in the boat so that it wouldn't tip over and end up soaking both of them. It wouldn't be the end of the world if it did but he also knew Belle wasn't as strong a swimmer as he was.
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"Hi. Happy Birthday," Jacob said, sort of low, and brushed her hair back from her face. It was kind of nice to be able to be alone with Belle since they usually kept busy schedules. Jacob always made time for her, though, and their birthday was as good a reason as any to substitute responsibility for a little play.

"I love you, you know."
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"Well, we made a good effort of it," Jacob said, shrugging slightly. "If you wanted to go back to your place and dry off, I wouldn't really be against it."

Actually, not against it at all.
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"With my mouth? Oh, definitely," Jacob decided, brushing his thumb against her lips. It was nice to get a chance to be this...not-entirely-PG-13 with Belle considering half the time Jacob lived on a Homestead with children.

"We could start right now?"
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"A little," Jacob admitted. "Mostly I this is the place I'm supposed to be. I didn't ever really feel like that back home. I was restless and always on the move. Here? I feel like I could stay here the rest of my life."

He waited a beat, then met her eyes with his. "With you."
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"I'm not..."

Jacob took a deep breath, inexplicably nervous. He and Belle's relationship had been really easy up until this point and had even been slow, in the beginning. This was huge for them and he wanted to make sure he said the exact thing he meant so there was no room for misinterpretation.

"I'm not asking right now. But when I think about getting married, someday, and having kids, I think about those things with you."
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"Then...someday, we will," Jacob promised. "But I just want to make sure we're both ready before we do and I want..."

He trailed off, a little embarrassed about this part. How did someone explain how they'd made plans for a marriage that hadn't even happened yet? Especially when said someone was a guy and not a girl; at least girls were allowed to daydream about weddings.

"I want to be sure I'm going to be the husband you deserve before I start asking, is all."
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"I do. It's more a matter of providing for you and our eventual kids," Jacob said, watching her carefully.

"If, uh, you want some someday. I do, but I want you more, so I'm flexible."
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"Well, I'm hoping they're mine. It might be awkward, otherwise," Jacob teased, kissing her nose lightly.

"But, yeah. In the far, distant, when we're almost thirty future. Right now, I'm just happy being with you."
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"There's some people," Jacob argued.

"I know there's some people who have been here almost seven years now. We might be the lucky ones. I've got two years, now, and you have three. That's a lot longer than most people ever get anyway."
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"I don't think we're ready right now," Jacob said softly. "So I want to wait. I don't want to wait too long if you're worried one of us is going to disappear? But I don't want us to rush into it and make decisions we might regret. I love you a lot, Belle, and I never want you to feel like I forced you into anything."
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"Right now, though, I kind of want to celebrate our birthdays by...practicing? Practice always makes perfect."

It was probably kind of a lame way to ask her to bed but they'd been together long enough that Jacob thought maybe he could get away with it; after a certain point, being together got comfortable and familiar no matter what crazy thing you might say.
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"I was thinking back at your house," Jacob said, more than a little awkward. "Not uh, in the kayak. Or on the beach. I'm pretty sure we'd have to be dealing with sand for the better part of a year and that would not be fun."

And not something he'd do when they could go inside.
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By the standard of most teenage relationships, especially Bella's, he and Belle had been going at a glacier's pace. It had been good, though, because he felt like he really knew Belle and could trust her with just about everything. Jacob thought that was an important thing to have in a girlfriend and life partner.

"I' to bring some things over, then. Just a few?"
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"It would make it where if I wanted to stay over a few days at a time, I could," Jacob agreed.

"But we can still keep our separate places. For now. Eventually, someday, I'd like to live with you all the time, though."
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"It doesn't bore me," Jacob promised, "But everyone needs their own down time. I'm sure you're glad when I get out of your hair to go hunting or fishing or diving off incredibly high objects," Jacob said, laughing. "So, yeah. For now, just sleepovers, and maybe eventually if we want to move in together, we can. I just want to take it slow and make sure we're doing things right, you know? I don't ever want to push too much."
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"Yeah and we are definitely not six," Jacob said, making his own face at that. "Apparently...there's a thing we can do, as pack members? We can imprint on someone. Just, look at someone one day and realize that's it for us, that's the one, no matter if there's an age difference or what. I was always kind of freaked out it might happen to me."

He paused for a moment and looked at Belle, eyes a little soft. "But I think, if I was still a wolf, you'd be the one anyway. That I don't ever have to worry about that."
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"Oh, believe me, it's completely creepy and terrifying," Jacob agreed, laughing and tugging her close. "But I really...I've never felt about a person the way I feel about you, Belle, and I can't help but think that means we're meant for great things. Together. We're meant to be together, you know?"
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"Anywhere," Jacob promised. "I wish, someday, you could meet my dad. And I'd like to meet yours. I want to know everything about you since I'm planning on being with you, you know?"

He gave her a little smile. "But for right now, let's just get back to shore and go back to your place. One step at a time?"