provincialbelle: (bookworm: by cerie)
Belle ([personal profile] provincialbelle) wrote2012-03-08 03:50 pm
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It felt strange to be lingering in her workplace, waiting for someone to exchange stories with. Normally, she saw people exchanging goods and services, but this was a first for her. She couldn't lie -- she found the idea interesting and fantastical. Belle had warned Jacob that she'd be home late from her shift and the moment she was done singing, she had a glass of wine in hand, waiting at the bar for Nick.

Maybe it would be good for her, too. Sometimes, she still felt like her old life was strange and crazy. Maybe if she had the opportunity to talk about it with someone besides Jacob, she wouldn't feel quite so isolated. After all, only Jacob truly knew the whole story. This was a good idea, she thought. And, if nothing else, it meant she would get her fair share of stories from him, too.

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