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Belle wasn't moving very far at all, but it still seemed like a great undertaking, considering she hadn't ever really moved from one place to another. She and Papa had done so, but she'd been so young at the time that she didn't even remember how it had felt. Now, with her boxes and her books and her bags, she felt like she was taking a step that couldn't possibly be erased.

She was, actually, terrified.

The new hut was still dusty and nothing was put away. Every few moments, she had the same thought over and over again -- maybe she should just move back. She hadn't spent years wanting to explore the world for no reason, though, and she had to be strong in order to conquer the highest of mountains.

Belle kept the door open, peeking outside to see if Jacob was making any progress. "I know this isn't exactly the most glamorous way to spend an almost-anniversary, but I got a picnic blanket and wine," she offered enticingly. "That's not bad, right?"
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"I think that makes it as good an anniversary as the island can provide," Jacob said, putting down yet another bunch of books and catching Belle around the waist to embrace her.

It was strange to think it had not only been two years since he'd showed up on the island but two years since he'd met Belle. He hadn't dated her the whole time, no, but their friendship had started pretty early on.
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"I like to think of it as something to come home to," Jacob said, fully aware of just how cheesy and sappy that was. He didn't really care, not when it came to Belle, because he loved her so much that being silly or pathetic wasn't really on his radar as a bad thing.

"You agree?"
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"I think you're the incentive," Jacob teased. "I mean, gorgeous and sweet. You're the best girlfriend a guy could have and I haven't even started in on how smart you are."

Loving Belle had been one of the best things about the island and one of the things that Jacob knew he'd never give up, if given the option between going home and having Belle in his life.
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"You were so upset," Jacob said, remembering that day out in the trees. She'd found the rose and Jacob couldn't do anything but at least try to help even if he couldn't do anything about it.

"I just remember wanting to make it better somehow."
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"Truthfully, I would have been happy with just that," Jacob admitted. "I would have liked more, sure, and I love what we do have but I could have settled for being your friend. I always want to be there for you, no matter what."
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"Yeah, I'm thinking so," Jacob agreed, catching her mouth in a deeper kiss. "And I'm really sorry we've had a hard past few months. I wish there was anything I could do to make that better, you know?"
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"Maybe someday," Jacob said, hopeful. "I still feel like I need to help Shari right now but someday, when we're ready to get married and start a family? I want to live with you all the time. I think...I think maybe it's good we don't, yet, because we're still kind of young even if we've been dating for a while."
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"What if I stayed three nights a week with you," Jacob said, yearning to have a compromise because the idea of missing her even so much as to go to sleep bothered him more than he ever thought it would. They had gotten serious, over the past year, and Jacob hadn't realized just how serious.

"Then it's not so bad, right?"
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"I sleep better too. Well," Jacob said, sheepish, "I sleep well anyway, it's a guy thing, but I like knowing you're with me. I've gotten used to keeping my arms around you at night."

It was kind of a sappy thing, considering they've been having sex for a while now, but Jacob still loved to cuddle and hold Belle as much as he had before they ever went further.
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"Maybe not a big one," Jacob said, laughing a little. "But a little one? Sure. We used to have them sometimes in La Push."

It was never anything major, not like California, but it was enough to shake the windows in the frames and knock things off the shelves.

And, you know, not major enough that Jacob ever woke up.
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"Hmm. Plants, maybe? I could probably go get something for a housewarming gift," Jacob teased but, really, what did someone get for their girlfriend as a moving out present?

"I don't know anything about interior decorating. Just so you know."
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"You'd make a pretty hot pirate queen," Jacob teased, kissing the top of her head. "I'd go swashbuckling with you any day of the week, no question."

He fell a little quiet. "Bella's moving out too. I guess it's just me, Coraline, Felicity and Dodger now. I feel like Peter Pan or something, watching all my friends grow up."
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"Well, now you have gone and made the first step," Jacob said, grinning at her. "And I'm okay, it's not like I'm never going to see you and Bella again. It's just all happening at the same time and I'm a little nostalgic. Is that the right word? I'm not the reader you are."

He didn't...mind reading, it just wasn't his first choice.
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"They were idiots," Jacob said, grinning. "You're fantastic and I hope you know that. You're just...I think you were just too much for your own time and your town, you know? Too smart, too progressive, too everything."
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"I'll pass on being a girl again," Jacob said, wrinkling his nose. That had been an experience he never wanted to repeat, if at all possible. It was insane but, hey, typical island.

"You guys have way too many emotions in one tiny body. I don't know how you do it."
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"Maybe I'll get one soon," Jacob said, grinning. "I could graciously let you have it, if you wanted. It's not like I wouldn't get to benefit from you having a nice, big bed to roll around in or anything like that. You know."

It had gotten easier to talk about that kind of stuff with Belle now, at least, and Jacob was glad since it had been awkward right at first.
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"Well, there's usually some uh...rolling around when we're fooling around," Jacob said, slightly awkward. "I mean, no point in staying perfectly still and I am kind of tall."

Well. This had just gotten awkward, hadn't it?
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"Yeah, well, I don't want to be an ass about it," Jacob said, grinning at her. "But I think about it a lot. More than a lot. Pretty much any time I get a chance to but I don't like making you think there's pressure or anything. There's never, ever pressure, Belle. Never."
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"Well, yeah," Jacob said, looking at her carefully. "That...I'm always going to ask. I mean, I know we're together and we're a thing now but I'm not the kind of guy who just assumes and I'm never going to be. I try to do my best to be a good guy for you, you know?"
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"Pretty sure I don't think that," Jacob said, grinning at her. "Because I've been to bed with you. You're pretty creative, you know. Not that I have any experience with anyone else but I definitely don't want anyone else."
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"It would take a while," Jacob said, soft and sincere even though Belle looks kind of playful at the moment.

"I love you, Belle. It would take me a really, really long time to ever get over you."