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Belle had been figuratively worn after the first visit to the doctor. McCoy had hardly taken a look at her before dismissing it as something he didn't do (and given that his voice still sounded hoarse from that terrible incident, Belle had merely tugged at Jacob's sleeve to get him to draw away before they bothered him more). Still, two things came of that meeting.

The first was the secure knowledge that she wasn't pregnant (but she also wasn't feeling any better). The second was a referral to 'someone who's probably dying to help'. So this was how Belle found herself and Jacob in the company of Doctor House, sitting with her hands in her lap and trying to keep a straight posture though her exhaustion, no matter how difficult it might be.

"Well? Do you want my case?" she asked House, her eyes tracking him unsurely.
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Dying to help was definitely not the way that House would describe it - more like dying for a real case. The helping was kind of a side effect, most of the time. But he couldn't help but be a little appreciative to McCoy.

"I'll take your case," he said. Then to the other guy, "Who are you? The boyfriend?"

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"Yeah. I'm Jacob, Jacob Black," Jacob said, extending a hand for the doctor to shake if he wanted. He vaguely recognized him just from being on the island as long as he had but he hadn't ever really talked to him before.

"Do you think you can figure out what's wrong?"
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"Of course I can figure out what's wrong," House said. Though whether that translated in being able to do anything about it was a completely different story.

"Tell me what you think your symptoms are," he said. He still didn't think that there was much point in talking to patients. Everyone lied. But unfortunately here where the battery of tests he could run was limited and he didn't have minions to take histories for him, it was a necessary evil.

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"Well, she's been really tired," Jacob said, not sure if he needed to be speaking up on Belle's behalf but unable to keep quiet just because he was so worried. "What else has been going on?"
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House frowned a little. "Lean forward," he said, and reached out to feel the lymph nodes on her neck.

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"It's gonna be fine, Belle," Jacob promised, reaching out and squeezing her hand. He didn't want to get in the way of the doctor, though, so he dropped it just as quickly.