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After several days, Belle could no longer ignore the signs. She had been so tired that she had barely made it out of bed and her muscles ached fiercely with a sort of fatigue that seemed to be warring with the swelling of her ankles for the most distracting symptom. Once she factored in the irritation and the headaches, she didn't want to do anything, let alone get out of bed.

Maybe, she reflected, it was a good thing that she was still at the Homestead. She couldn't imagine this would go over very well if she had left it. For one, no one would have found her for some time and wasn't that just a scary thought? As it was, she struggled with her bedsheets -- her body a decent temperature, but her limbs sore and she wanted to warm them -- and curled up on her side, making herself as small as she could be.

She just wanted to sleep. Maybe it wasn't right that after three days, she had spent more time asleep than awake, but she didn't care. She felt like she deserved a small break. It would all go away, she told herself. It would all fade.

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It wasn't really like Belle just to stay in bed and Jacob hadn't really seen her around much. They didn't always share, especially not since there were a lot more people in the Homestead these days but he couldn't help but feel like he ought to go check on her.

He knocked lightly on the door before pushing it in, settling on the edge of her bed. "Belle? What's going on?"

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"Yeah, which means I should be here," Jacob argued, brushing his hand back against her cheek and her messy hair to kind of smooth it a little. "How long have you been feeling bad, Belle?"

How long had it been and he hadn't noticed?

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"Three days is a long time to feel this sick," Jacob argued. "Don't you think we ought to go see Dr. McCoy or something? Maybe you're actually sick sick and need a doctor."

It sounded a little needlessly concerned but it was Belle. Nothing was ever too much.

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"Maybe," Jacob said warily. "But when was the last time you were sick on the island? When was anyone? You have to admit, we're usually healthy most of the time."

It was kind of weird, in a way, but he wasn't going to argue against it. It was better than the alternative, anyway.

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"Do you promise?" Jacob asked, still keeping close. The last thing he wanted was for Belle to get sick or hurt and not get the help she needed because he didn't push hard enough.

"I love you, Belle, I don't want...I don't want to miss something big because we're being stubborn."

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"Well, yeah. I wouldn't let you go alone unless you just didn't want me there and even then, I'd probably try to con you into letting Bella or Coraline go with so you didn't have to go alone," Jacob said, rubbing her back lightly.

"You never have to do anything alone as long as I'm here."

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"I would really like to meet your Papa someday," Jacob said softly, admitting something he'd never said out loud before. "I want to know if he'd like me. I'd love for you to meet my dad, too, I think he'd love you."

Billy was one of the most easygoing men in the world, though, so it was a no-brainer that he would love Belle.

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For Jacob, it felt serious. It felt like the most serious relationship he could ever have but he also knew that things were way different in Belle's world.

"I think about getting more serious sometimes. Does that surprise you?"

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"Same. I think we're too young," Jacob said, which was kind of weird. Bella and Edward was incredibly intense at the same age and if Cullen hadn't run off on her, Jacob was pretty sure they would have ended up married.

"I think we need to be able to live a little before getting married and having kids."

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"Well, yeah. Eventually, once we're married and we built a house and everything," Jacob said, unable to keep from grinning at the prospect of it.

"I've always wanted a family, Belle."

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"God, no," Jacob said quickly. "We'd make it work. I would never, ever leave you. I'm not like Cullen, or something. I'm not going to leave you when you need me and I sure as hell wouldn't leave our kid."

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"What is it, Belle?"

Jacob had a sinking feeling that maybe this being sick had something to do with, well, that and while he wasn't prepared for it, he would support her all the way.

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Oh. That just complicated the hell out of things, didn't it?

"Okay, then we definitely need to get you to a doctor so we can get a test run. I'm sure Dr. McCoy can do it."

Dr. McCoy was the only clinic doctor he'd even really met; Jacob was just too healthy otherwise.

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"Then we get ready to have a baby," Jacob said, wanting it firmly known that he wasn't walking out on her for something like that. "If you want to get married, we'll get married, but I kind of think it's not a good idea just to get married because we're having a kid."

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"How about this? We take a nap for a little while and then we go to the clinic? I really, really want to be sure you're okay," Jacob said, stroking her hair lightly just to try and comfort her a little bit. "And I would rather know what it is then have to wonder. No matter what it is."

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"Of course I'll go with you," Jacob said, voice low and soft. "I wouldn't ever let you go alone. That's not even going to be an option, I promise.