Dec. 27th, 2011

provincialbelle: (bookworm: by cerie)
Belle had been so grateful to Jane for all the help she had offered and all the lessons, but she felt that sometimes she began to pester her. After all that fuss and to-do with the portal, she'd found a ray of hope in the mess and was just waiting for the right time to pursue it. She'd felt sick for so long and then there'd been the body. Now, though, she was tired of huddling to herself and tired of putting things off.

She wanted to learn more about all the wondrous and mad and perfect things out there and if she didn't take a step out her front door, she was never going to find that. So, she ventured out to the lab when she knew that Fred worked there, knocking apprehensively on the door. "Miss Burkle? I'm Belle, Jane's student. Can I come in?"


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