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Belle had left the rave with an uneasy feeling down to her bones. She could see that others were having a good time, but it seemed just a touch too out of control for her. She had gone with Charlie and when she was sure that he had someone to go home with, she'd gone to her own home, glitter smeared all over her skin.

She hadn't eaten or drank anything and so was feeling clear-headed and a shade of tired, just slightly too weary from an environment she wasn't sure of.

When she returned to the Homestead, she knew it was late, but she still went to Jacob's room rather than her own and knocked lightly on the door, leaning her temple to the wood of the wall and waiting to see if he was awake.

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Jacob had skipped the rave mostly because, well, it didn't interest him. He'd gotten drunk once with Remus and woken up so sick the next day that it stuck in his head as something not to do; being sick was a great deterrent. Maybe it made him boring, but at least he wasn't going to feel like shit in the morning.

Belle had gone with Charlie and Jacob was surprised to see her coming home early. Not early early, but earlier than he expected.

"Have a good time?" he asked, pulling the door open to wave her inside.

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"Usually are, when a party is involved," Jacob agreed, settling in next to her. "It's been quiet around here. I actually read a book."

He grinned and held it up. Harry Potter, so not major reading, but anything was an improvement over nothing.

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"That makes it weird," Jacob agreed, thinking about the very same thing. It was strange to read about Remus Lupin as Harry's teacher when this was the same guy he'd gotten drunk with on the beach.

"Then again, I'm from a book too. Nobody's ever been here from my home other than Alice, though, and she's gone now."

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"We weren't really friends," Jacob explained. "She was Bella's friend. Her best friend, other than me."

And also Edward's sister, but Jacob wasn't going to get into that.

"Werewolves and vampires don't really mix in my world."

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"It's not," Jacob agreed, sliding an arm around her shoulders. He liked being close to Belle, even if they weren't (or hadn't yet) gone any farther than kissing and cuddling.

"This place...never been anywhere like this before. People from all over, every time, every place. I'm kind of glad for it, though, because I never would have met you if I never came here. And you're the most important person in my life right now, Belle. Now and, well, I'd say forever. Can't see it changing, anyway."

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"Well that," Jacob teased, "And you have great taste. I'm gorgeous, remember?"

He pressed a quick kiss against her hair. "Much better than the party, isn't it?"

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"Leave them to it," Jacob agreed, tipping her face up so he could look at her. He looked at her all the time, it was true, but it was different somehow when it was this late and there was nobody else around.

"I just want to be with you, Belle. Can I kiss you?"

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Jacob hadn't really gone any further than kissing but for some reason this night, when everyone else was out getting drunk and high and who knows what else, this night seemed right.

He threaded his hands in her hair and deepened the kiss a little, made it just a little more desperate.

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Jacob moved with her, half-covering her as he continued the kiss. It felt like they were moving toward something a little more than usual and he was a little nervous. What if Belle didn't like it? What if someone else found out and walked in on them.

He tried to clear his mind; the point of this was that it was spontaneous.

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"I've got no problems holding on for that," Jacob promised, grinning at her. "I'd offer to take mine off but, well."

When did Jacob Black ever wear a shirt?

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"About what?" Jacob asked, clueless. He let his hand drift into her hair, a short little breath puffing out when she kissed his chest. It felt so good and he was trying to keep it together.

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Jacob laughed and slid his hands up her back, just rubbing lightly. "Okay, maybe that has something to do with it, but they only get to look. Only you get to touch, Belle. much as you want?"

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"Good thing you're not," Jacob said, laughing a little in his relief. Truth be told, he did worry about it a little; most girls would be a little jealous if their boyfriends hung around other girls all the time.

"I want...I'm ready, Belle. For the next step."

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"Absolutely," Jacob promised, smiling up at her. "Look, it's not...we've been together almost a year, give or take. I don't think this will do anything but make us stronger. I'm scared too, but I want it."

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Jacob nodded. "Yeah, in the drawer there. I've been uh...thinking about this for a while. I was prepared."

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"It's probably better if I do it," Jacob said, giving her an awkward look. "I'm...from everything I've heard, I don't think it's going to last very long the first time. Too much going on and everything."

He paused though, the package between his fingers. "I want to fool around with you first, though."

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"Might make things better," Jacob agreed, sliding one of his hands up her thigh. "Um, how do you want to do this? Both of us just get completely undressed and go from there?"

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"You think these things through better," Jacob said with a laugh, leaning in to kiss her before sliding his hands beneath her shirt. "Is this okay, Belle?"

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"I love you, too," Jacob said easily, tugging her shirt up and off. "I think that makes it a little easier, knowing you love me. I can't believe I'm this nervous about it, though. I always thought it'd feel natural."

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Jacob reached up and unhooked her bra before speaking again, easing it off with a kind of quiet wonder. She was beautiful, always had been, and this was just another side of it.

"You'll have that," he promised. "I'll make sure you do."