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Belle ([personal profile] provincialbelle) wrote2011-01-02 04:29 pm
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[Dated past January 6th]

Belle thought that this was a bad idea.

No, it was a good idea, but in the depths of her ever-working mind where the clockwork ticked away and she had little voices that sounded like Lumiere and Cogsworth, she knew that this was simultaneously a bad and good idea. She loved spending time with Jacob, but she was starting to realize that dating someone inevitably meant there was something else to your interactions -- a physical edge of intimacy that crept up on you.

And it was here at her shoulders now, pushing at her. They had gone to the waterfall and she was ready to swim. She did really love spending time with him, but now that they had been dating for ages and she was starting to understand her feelings, she was starting to understand she wanted a little more than what they were doing.

So, bad idea in a good one.

"You're not going to dive off that, are you?" she said warily, pointing up at the cliff's edge.

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