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[Dated past January 6th]

Belle thought that this was a bad idea.

No, it was a good idea, but in the depths of her ever-working mind where the clockwork ticked away and she had little voices that sounded like Lumiere and Cogsworth, she knew that this was simultaneously a bad and good idea. She loved spending time with Jacob, but she was starting to realize that dating someone inevitably meant there was something else to your interactions -- a physical edge of intimacy that crept up on you.

And it was here at her shoulders now, pushing at her. They had gone to the waterfall and she was ready to swim. She did really love spending time with him, but now that they had been dating for ages and she was starting to understand her feelings, she was starting to understand she wanted a little more than what they were doing.

So, bad idea in a good one.

"You're not going to dive off that, are you?" she said warily, pointing up at the cliff's edge.

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Jacob squinted at the cliff, assessing it carefully. He'd dove off it before, several times, and it wasn't nearly as rocky or as dangerous as the cliffs at La Push. The pool beneath the waterfall was nice and deep and didn't have nearly as many rocks as the beaches back home.

"Yup. I've done it before. Besides, how else am I going to impress you?"

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"I've been doing it for years," Jacob argued, but conceded that point in lieu of picnic. Food always trumped adrenaline rushes, any day.

"Still, I guess I'll stay on solid ground for now."

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"I had planned on it, after we ate," Jacob said, grinning wide at her. "Why? Do you want to go swimming or something? It can totally be arranged."

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"Look at you, being all logical," Jacob said, grinning and tugging off his shirt. It was warm again and he wanted to soak up as much sun as possible. "See, this is why I like you. You're a lot more rational."

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"Uh, yeah," Jacob said, grinning wide. "I like you because you're beautiful and smart and funny. Not to mention just because you're you. I don't think there's any way I couldn't like you."

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"I live to flatter," Jacob said, laughing. "Of course, it's a little easier when it's all true. I've never felt about a girl the way I feel about you, Belle. It's all new to me."

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"I know that," Jacob said, shrugging. "And I'm just a guy. It doesn't mean that what we have isn't special, you know?"

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It sent a thrill through him too, but Jacob didn't mention it. There wasn't any sense in pushing things, not right now.

"We could skip swimming if you wanted," he said softly, threading his hand in her hair.

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"Plenty of time," Jacob agreed. "To eat and swim and then do other things, if you want. I'm nothing if not flexible."

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"What, swim and eat at the same time?" He flashed her a quick smile. "You're not supposed to do that. Could drown, or something. I'm not sure how that goes."

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"Oh, well. I can do that," Jacob said, grinning wickedly. "I've been thinking about taking the yoga class when it starts back up. We could take it together, if you wanted. Learn how to get flexible?"

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"I wouldn't mind that," Jacob said, getting excited at the prospect. "Then we wouldn't have to go as fast as the class goes, in case you wanted to stop doing it for a while. Or something."

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"I usually come up with good ideas," Jacob teased, eating his own food. He'd tried to get a little better about not inhaling it when Belle was around and he'd mostly succeeded. He was still a little messy sometimes and mango juice was currently dripping down his chin.

"I can really teach you to cliff dive someday, if you want."

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Jacob grinned and pulled her closer to kiss her again, teeth tugging at her lower lip and arms looped around Belle's waist.

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"Breathing okay?" Jacob asked, half-teasing. Belle looked really worked up and while it was a good thing, he still wanted to make sure it wasn't too much too fast.

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"Definitely," Jacob agreed. "Do you want me to help you? I know you haven't been swimming in a while and..."

Maybe it was silly, but he wanted to protect her.

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Jacob turned around dutifully, laughing a little. "Belle, you realize I'm going to see you in about thirty seconds, right? Or am I supposed to swim with my eyes closed?"

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Jacob followed, jumping off and gliding through the water before he could catch her around the waist.

"Caught you. Can't get away from me."

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"Well, depends. Do you want to?" Jacob asked, swimming to catch up. "I guess it'd give us problems with that whole girlfriend-boyfriend thing."