provincialbelle: (bite your tongue: by ?)
Belle ([personal profile] provincialbelle) wrote2010-08-08 01:07 pm
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[For Jacob]

Belle was sick with worry.

It was honestly the only way she could describe the gnawing sensation in her stomach. People had vanished to the other side of the Island and Jacob was gone and by logic of the situation, she had to assume that he was one of them. For days, she thought of going out there, of trying to find him, but she merely lingered at the barrier, not sure where he could be. Now, though, people were seeming to stumble back and she was outside the Homestead, her nails digging into her palm. She couldn't even pretend to read a book, her focus gone.

Instead, she sat and worried, wishing so much that she felt capable of going into the danger herself, but this wasn't like home. This wasn't just the woods. She knew about dinosaurs from her books and knew she stood no chance. And so she merely remained at the Homestead, waiting for a sign that things were going to be fine.

That he was going to be fine.

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